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Why Rawww are supporting TASC this Christmas

Rawww are supporting TASC this Christmas

This year, we’re donating to TASC (The Ambulance Staff Charity), who are a national charity dedicated to supporting our ambulance community in times of need.

Officially launched in 2015, TASC has a much longer history and grew out of the Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund that was set up to support the financial wellbeing of ambulance staff in 1986.

Since then, the charity has expanded its range of services to offer support not only for financial wellbeing, but also for physical rehabilitation, mental health, bereavement support and for general wellbeing.

TASC support the entire ambulance community, from ambulance service volunteers to first responders, paramedics and to family members of ambulance staff who have died in service or left due to terminal illness.

As an independent organisation, not affiliated with the NHS, TASC services are completely confidential and although based in Coventry, they offer help to those who need it across the UK.

The team rely on the generosity of the general public to help fund their services. If you’d like to find out more about how you can support or donate TASC, why not visit their website?


Giving new life to TASC’s branding

Read our case study to discover how we worked with TASC to grow their presence as a national charity

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