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Website optimisation…Are you getting it right?

optimising a customer's journey

Nowadays, think web, think website optimisation. After all, if you have a website, the ultimate goal is to get higher and higher in search engine result pages.

Yet, just thinking about optimising website content for desktop and mobile isn’t enough. Now, we need to think about that third option people are increasingly turning to – voice traffic.

The ‘DMV’ Trinity

When it comes to website optimisation, this trinity – desktop, mobile and voice (DMV) – will make a huge difference in those all-important rankings (hello Google!), especially as using the voice option is becoming more and more popular.
People don’t just use one device or one way to find what they need on the web, and the way your audience flows and ebbs in how they use the web should be reflected in your optimisation strategy.

Thinking Ahead

Optimise content for desktop, voice search and mobile

The analytics may tell us a large majority of traffic comes from desktop and mobile and that voice traffic is low, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it as part of your overall web optimisation strategy.
It’s important to remember, many websites came late to the mobile optimisation party and it showed in their visitor numbers. Including voice traffic in your website optimisation strategy will stand you in good stead for years to come.

Across Cross-Devices

Have you ever noticed just how much people use their phone whilst already using another device? For example, you’re watching TV, you see an ad for something you like, so you surf the net for it on your phone. Or, you’re on your desktop working, but you want to check something out, so you quickly search for it on your tablet whilst you write.

Think of it as a journey.

Consumers operate their journey between – and across –devices. Which is another reason why it’s a bad idea to just rely on a desktop website and dismiss the mobile or voice experience.

The Web Optimisation Chain

optimising your website's content

Desktop, mobile, voice… they all work together and, for many people they are part of a chain, even if they don’t use them all together – yet. Have you ever used your smart watch to orally save a search? Found something on your mobile and bought it off your desktop? That’s an optimisation chain right there. And, if you’re ahead and ‘available’ optimisation-wise across all three touchpoints, you’ll also be seen as a more credible and reliable source than a website that isn’t.

What about SEO?

When it comes to SEO and the differences in desktop, voice and mobile communications, Google is being nice. They understand they need to use the same core engine across all devices, as well as that same competent core. This means using featured snippets is a great way to get those crucial SEO points in, as well as gaining top marks for great website optimisation!

For Google, these bits of information can be mixed and matched on any given device; more on a desktop, a few on a mobile and less with voice search. But, the main point is, they are all there. And, the more you do to rank on any of these in terms of the snippets you create, the more you build yourself as a credible and reliable source for that information.

Not sure how to combine all three? Don’t worry we can help.

We know all about website optimisation and how to use it within your online presence and why it works. Talk to us today and see how we can help.


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