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increase in website traffic


increase in page views


increase in direct brand awareness traffic

To develop a new website experience for global B2B travel brand WebBeds, in-line with the new branding from Rawww.



Flying high in B2B travel

WebBeds is a B2B division of WebJet, a leading online travel agency in Australia and New Zealand, who represent five companies. Over the last five years, the brand has built a global portfolio of leading B2B travel providers combining start-ups with well-established companies. The amalgamation of five trusted brands means WebBeds is able to be consistently fresh and creative in their approach - a concept that was important to include in their website design.


Putting WebBeds on the map

With 50 offices globally and hotels in more than 12,000 destinations worldwide, WebBeds needed a website that would provide a global platform for the five travel companies. We used elements of the WebBed’s curve into the design, using the brand’s new suite of icons designed by Rawww to help structure page content. Key USPs are also featured on each page of the website within a carousel.


Design that’s ahead of the curve

The dedicated ‘News’ area on the website acts as a ‘hub’, bringing together updates from across all five companies and WebBeds, into one centralised resource. However one key aspect behind the website design was that as well as finding out more information about each travel brand, visitors are now able to learn more about WebBeds.

Within the ‘About’ page, we designed an animated world map that users can interact with to find out information relating to the regions WebBeds cover, their hotels and distribution network. A scrollable timeline carousel captures and brings to life the journey WebBeds has been on to become the global leader it is today.


WebBeds now has a website that brings together company news and updates from across the globe, whilst providing a platform that showcases the business’ expertise and service offering.



The increase in website traffic between January-June 2020, compared to the previous year.

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