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The Art of Brand Storytelling

brand storytelling for your business

Brand storytelling…

Is it part of your marketing strategy yet? We’ve all grown up listening to stories and in business, we need to create the right narrative to engage with our target audience.

Done right, storytelling can make all the difference when it comes to how your target audience views, as well as experiences, your brand. Start by thinking about how you can intertwine your brand story into your content marketing strategy.

Good storytelling resonates…

engage customers with brand storytelling

How we see a brand is all down to our perception. By using brand storytelling and in turn emotional branding as a marketing strategy, you’re creating an experience that not only resonates with customers, but offers the potential to attract and retain them. This will help drive that all-important revenue.

Good storytelling connects…

With the rise of online interaction, different types of social media and our reliance on the internet for so much information, where and when your brand storytelling takes place is also crucial. Being engaging and authentic is important as how you tell your story will also set you apart, especially if you’re competing in a popular sector. Consumers are a savvy lot, and if you don’t tell the ‘truth’, your audience will know. Connect honestly and openly with your customers and those emotions you invoke will ultimately lead to action.

Storytelling sells…

A great example of a company using brand storytelling in a successful way is Airbnb, an online marketplace that allows homeowners to rent all, or part of their property to people all over the world. Now Airbnb have expanded the service so that hosts can also offer experiences and places to eat as well as a place to stay!

airbnb storytelling

Brand storytelling works so well here because the customer is the brand. Over at Airbnb, it’s all about the customer. Think about it, without them, there is no product! The customer is the brand, and it’s the customers who share their stories. This is seamlessly done, not only in every post for a home to ‘rent’ but through their Stories from the Airbnb Community. Their appealing new rebrand: Belong Anywhere is full of beautiful imagery and short films that offer an insight into the daily lives of Airbnb hosts and what you can look forward to as a guest if you book. It’s a great example of captivating storytelling.
This wonderfully personalised approach has rejuvenated Airbnb, bringing the brand’s story to the fore and moving the business away from simply being a place to book a house or room. Their brand storytelling helps to set the scene and encourage the feeling of experience the customer can enjoy with Airbnb.

Storytelling pioneers…

One of the early pioneers of using great brand storytelling to communicate who they are and what they stand for is Nike. Their 1999 one minute advert commemorating the career of Michael Jordan didn’t even mention Nike until the closing few seconds. The advert was a breath of fresh air during a time when so many ads used a direct sell approach.

Back in 1999 we could only view ads on TV rather than online and Nike took a gamble on creating an ad that gave them just a couple of seconds at the end to mention who they were. Instead, they focused on creating a long lasting impression that symbolised their brand values, authenticity and emotion rather than just a hard sell.

Now, Nike isn’t just known for their great products, they’re known for their storytelling too. If you take a look at their website, social media channels and their adverts, you’ll become aware of the amount of backstories they use.

Start your own storytelling…

These are just two examples of how companies use brand storytelling to connect with consumers as well as sell their products or services. Now, with more and more companies understanding the effectiveness of brand storytelling, there’s never been a better time to join in, especially because there are so many online platforms to use, as well as your own website.

At Rawww, we’ve helped numerous companies find their story and engage with their audience including the Eden Hotel Collection, a portfolio of nine beautiful hotels in England. We wanted to describe the luxurious experience guests could enjoy through descriptive copywriting that helped set the scene for an escape to the country whilst also telling the company’s story.

Let us help you tell your brand story…

We understand that every company is different and has their own tone of voice to tell their brand story. We can suggest numerous mediums such as blogs, print, film, social channels and multimedia, along with your website content as ways to inspire people.

If you’re interested in learning more about brand storytelling and how it can help your business, contact us today. We’ll work with you to discover the best way to tell your story, so that you can address the attitudes, beliefs, wants and concerns of your consumers.


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