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Team Rawww: Meet Scarlett

meet scarlett

From favourite projects to inspiration brands, we catch up with our Junior Designer Scarlett to find out more about her role and experience…

1.What does an average day look like for you at Rawww?

No one day is ever the same in the studio at Rawww which I love. My day usually starts off with me reaching for my unicorn mug and heading towards the coffee machine. Once settled, I usually catch up on any feedback given on the projects I’m working on and then I start my ‘to do’ list (lists are the holy grail for me!)

In terms on what my agenda looks likes day-to-day, I work on a variety of projects which involves creating branding, sales and marketing assets for clients across a range of industries. From designing imagery for our social media channels to working on concepts for seasonal campaigns, it’s safe to say I have plenty to keep busy!

2.What do you enjoy most about your role as Junior Designer?

I really like the variety in a working day – working with different clients and projects and the challenges they bring. I also really enjoy getting to be involved in projects at all stages. Whether that’s the initial brainstorming for upcoming projects or artworking final designs that are ready to sent to print. As a Junior Designer, it’s really great to see the process of a project from start to finish.

3.Describe the three skills you think are most important for your role…

I think as a Junior Designer you have to be willing to constantly adapt yourself and your skillset to different projects and clients. I’m very aware that I am still learning but using your strengths in certain projects can help bring an additional design eye to the process.

Being able to work as a team is really important. When completing projects and putting forward pitches it is very much a team effort which involves everyone at all stages. In the studio, we find having sit-downs and project ‘kick-offs’ really beneficial and try to always find time to do these. This allows for everyone to be introduced to new projects and for ideas to be bounced off one-another.

Finally, I think it’s important to be confident (easily said than done I know) but I definitely think confidence grows with experience. I’m not expected to know everything but that’s the exciting thing about my job, the industry is always evolving therefore we are constantly learning!

4.Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs and ideas?

I get my inspiration from everywhere! I’m very much interested in a lot of different things whether that’s fashion, technology, architecture, fine art or interiors. I think there’s a lot of amazing work outside the world of ‘Graphic Design’ to take inspiration from. I also really enjoy getting out and visiting museums and galleries when I can, my recent trip to Amsterdam involved back-to-back museum visits!

5.We hear you’ve started to make your own jewellery, are your hobbies quite creative outside of work as well?

Yes! I’ve always really enjoyed being crafty, I think I just really enjoy the process of making things and having a physical object at the end as almost a reward to myself. My jewellery making all stemmed from watching Kirstie Allsopp’s handmade Christmas programme towards the end of last year. I saw someone using Polymer clay to make Christmas tree decorations and I loved how tactile and handmade the process was of manufacturing these charming objects. I’ve made several different pairs of earrings now (they’re slowly getting better with every new pair) hoping to perhaps branch out to necklaces soon! I find the process really therapeutic.

6.Tell us about one of your favourite projects you’ve worked on since joining Rawww…

One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on was the branding for Maninder Kaur, a yoga instructor and a mindfulness teacher. Maninder approached us and wanting something that reflected her yoga journey to a painless future. This was the first big branding project I had worked on so it was exciting. The outcome incorporated intertwined yoga positions representing the movement and control achieved with each yoga class. The best part was receiving the client’s feedback, as Maninder loved the outcome, and that feeling of seeing something you’ve worked on come to life will never change!

7.You’ve become quite the office DJ, do you find listening to the right playlist can inspire creativity?

Definitely! I actually find listening to music really productive in the studio as I think it helps add to a creative environment and I also think it can help with work pace. I do however think different times call for different playlists. For example, it has to be something that everyone in the studio can enjoy and can listen and work too. Also, sometimes I find music with lyrics (i.e. songs you sing to in the shower) can distract me and often opt for more background music. On a Friday afternoon however, the odd Spice Girls track might float into the music queue!

8.If you were to give a design graduate one piece of advice about working in the industry, what would it be?

My advice would be not get too worried about being the master of every aspect of design. Working in an agency like Rawww, it’s important we work together as a team which means there’s such a fab mix of skills which not one person shares the same. This means we can help support each other on projects and work together to create the best outcome!

9.And finally…If you had to choose between M&S Caramel Crispy Bites or McVitie’s Gold Bars, which one would win?

100% the M&S Caramel Crispy Bites, they are delish! They are also the perfect snack for the meeting room when we have project catch ups.

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