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Following The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) rebrand by Rawww in 2019, the team wanted to convey awareness in business and brand via social channels. We recommended creating a set of branded GIF stickers to bring their Instagram Stories to life.


tasc instagram stickers
tasc instagram stickers

Caring for those who care for us

Founded in 1986 as The Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund, TASC was launched in spring 2015 to support the mental, physical and financial well-being of all people involved in the UK’s ambulance services, including immediate and retired staff and their close family. Armed with refreshed branding and website design from Rawww, TASC were looking for new, engaging ways to continue to grow their presence as a national charity.

Following a shift in donor habits moving towards predominately digital fundraising, TASC wanted to add more impact and intrigue to make their social posts to make them more unique and stand out from the crowd. Following our suggestion to create a set of branded stickers, we began designing a set that could be used on Instagram Stories.

tasc instagram stickers

Designing ideas that stick

Following a brainstorm of ideas, together with the client we developed a final set of 12 GIF sticker designs. The stickers represent both key aspects of the ambulance community (such as ambulances, medics and the Rod of Asclepius) along with more brand-related ideas (such as a ‘donate to TASC’ button, TASC volunteer and TASC fundraising stars).

All stickers use the brand colour palette and illustration style, whilst micro animations bring the designs to life. Thorough hashtag research ensured each sticker has several allocated, relevant keywords to help a user find the stickers when searching on social media.

tasc instagram stickers

Successfully rolling out TASC’s Instagram Stickers

Since the TASC stickers launched, they’ve already had more than 28,000 GIF views.

TASC now has a set of on-brand, creative stickers that can be used across social channels to help raise awareness of the charity and engage new audiences.

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