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Stay Ahead of SEO Changes

Stay Ahead of SEO Changes

Are you up to speed when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) changes? The way we use SEO is constantly evolving – which is mainly due to Google and algorithm changes.

But how do you, as a business, stay ahead of the latest SEO trends? Google can be notoriously quiet when it comes to SEO changes (keeping changes under the radar helps thwart black hat SEO’s penetrating the system) which means that when tweaks do occur, they can be easy to miss. Aside from trying to keep a close eye on algorithm shifts, it’s also worth considering the following points if you want to stay ahead of SEO changes.

Go mobile first

We live in a mobile world. Look around, everyone seems to have a mobile device of some kind, and mobile has overtaken fixed internet access too. In fact, there are 3.26 billion internet users worldwide and by 2017, 68% of those will be via mobile-connected devices.

Online users want the content they view on their smart devices to adapt to their mobile requirements, and they’ll soon tune out if it doesn’t, so take the time to ensure your content is adaptable to mobile screens and customer needs.

Create quality content

Google demands quality content – and if you fill it with cleverly placed SEO, even better. Take a look over the content you already have; is it time for a refresh? Could you benefit from hiring professional writers to sharpen your copy and show you how to use SEO? Good writers will be aware of any new SEO changes, including shifts in policies and practices from Google, and they will produce sharp, well-written copy that people will notice.

The user experience

How popular is your website? Popularity is important for search engines and if people visit and stay on your website, it will reflect in your rankings. So give people a great user experience and see your rankings rise.

Look online

Keep an eye out online for any information on SEO changes. Forums populated by Webmasters are a good place to start as any chatter about updates can happen here first. And even though Google can be quiet about SEO changes, they do make the occasional announcement via their own blog posts (for example) or through their employees, such as Google Webmaster John Mueller, who you can follow on Google Plus.

Go organic

If you want to influence search engine results go for plenty of organic links. But concentrate on organic backlinks rather than trading links (which should only be considered with credible companies). This is because any links you use have a direct impact on your brand and reputation.

Don’t be a black hat

Google is smart,  and it’s getting smarter with every algorithm update. Those artificial intelligence bots can route out any black hat SEO activity – such as cloaking, keyword stuffing and buying links – and issue harsh penalties such as harming your site’s ranking in Google search results.

Choose white hat techniques and consider using a professional and reputable design agency who know how to implement SEO that works and stays within the acceptable parameters of those white hat practices.

For more insight into how you can create content with the right SEO for your business, talk to us today and stay one step ahead of any new SEO changes ahead.




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