Good Stuff.

September 2020 Good Stuff Round-up

Good stuff September 2020

Join us as we take a closer look at the creative campaigns, projects and rebrands launched during September in our latest Good Stuff Round-up…

Ecstatic new brand identity for Rolls-Royce

Good stuff September 2020

Luxury car brand Rolls-Royce launched its new brand identity in September, transitioning from car manufacturer to ‘the world’s leading house of luxury’. The brand’s iconic emblem, the Spirit of Ecstasy, has been pared back to allow for a more minimal, bold design and has also been flipped to face the right.

We appreciate the fact that unlike other car brands, Rolls-Royce hasn’t just updated its logo with a flat 2D version. Instead it’s refreshed with a new typeface, logo design and identity to bring the luxury brand into the digital age.

The French Red Cross and TikTok

Good stuff September 2020

Two names you wouldn’t normally associate together in the same sentence: Red Cross and TikTok. But in September, the French branch of the charity launched the #PLSchallenge, using influencers to create a TikTok dance with real-life first aid moves.

The aim of the dance challenge is to train 80% of the population in first aid, after research revealed 40% of French high school students had never received any first aid training. It’s a unique, creative idea and using TikTok is ideal for reaching the younger target audience.

Electronics waste receives a new unifying logo

Good stuff September 2020

In an attempt to unify the efforts of councils and retailers to encourage customers to recycle their electronic products, Material Focus (previously the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Fund) launched a ‘behaviour changing campaign’.

The logo fuses the recycling arrow with a traditional stand-by icon for a literal symbol of recycling electrical equipment. We think the simple nature of the new logo works, it’s memorable and will be easy to identify when used across different organisations.

Impactful brand refresh for the RSA

Good stuff September 2020

The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has received a branding refresh focused on a ‘commitment to impact’. The RSA is dedicated to “enriching social progress” through the study and innovation of arts, manufacturing and commerce since its inception in 1754.

The new identity positions the RSA as more ‘editorial and less thinktank-like’, refining the witty, provocative tone of voice and stripping back the colour palette to the iconic black, white and turquoise.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from October.


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