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18 Ways to Keep Creative When WFH With Our Self-Care Checklist

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Who said WFH means you can’t be creative?

From getting crafty with crayons to journaling new ideas, taking a walk to learning to meditate, we’ve put together 18 ideas in our self-care checklist to help get you through the next few weeks in isolation…

1.Don’t snooze your alarm

Keeping the routine of getting out of bed at your usual time will help your body clock stay in sync.

2. Put on your favourite outfit

Remember jeans? Go crazy and break away from the tracksuit with some smarter clobber even just for one day.

3. Eat a proper breakfast

Set yourself up for the day with a nutritious breakfast that will keep you going for a few hours.

4. Workout hard for 20 mins

Exercise is proven to release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood and reduce stress.

5. Drink plenty of water & get your vitamins

Making it a habit to drink water regularly will keep you focused, whilst ensuring you’re getting vitamins will help bolster your immune system.

6. Take a hot bath (or shower)

Light a candle, put on an audiobook and bring out the bubbles in a relaxing hot bath or shower (minus the bubbles!).

7. Spot the birds

Who else has noticed nature thriving during lockdown? From parakeets to goldfinches, robins and ravens, what bird life can you spot out of your window?

8. Read a chapter of a good book

Escape from your four walls without moving a muscle, by getting lost in the world of great fiction.

9. Get some fresh air

Whether you prefer walking, cycling, running or sitting, make sure you’re getting out for some fresh air during the day.

10. Try your hand at crafting

Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to get creative with your favourite crafts or try out a new hobby.

11. Facetime a loved one

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still be social. Make a list of everyone you want to check in with through Facetime or video call throughout the next few weeks.

12. Crack out the colouring

Colouring gives your brain space to breathe and is brilliant for mindfulness. There’s plenty of free resources online you can print if you don’t have any colouring books at home.

13. Cook something new for dinner

Inspired by Jamie Oliver? Try your hand at cooking up some magic by using 4 ingredients or less from your kitchen cupboards.

14. Listen to your favourite song

Opera or reggae, indie to electronic, whatever your favorite genre of music is, stick your headphones in and bust out some secret shapes.

15. Watch a funny YouTube video

There’s plenty of memes, GIFs and YouTube videos making the rounds at the moment to help spread some fun. Which one will you watch?

16. Journal out your thoughts

Writing out your thoughts or experiences allows you to time to reflect on your feelings, whilst identifying future goals and aims. You could also give art journaling a go to bring ideas and inspiration together.

17. Give meditation a go

With apps such as Calm and Headspace offering special lockdown deals, now could be a time to see if meditation could help you unwind.

18. Dig out your old jigsaws

Whether you start small with 150 or try 1,500 pieces, sitting down to do a jigsaw will soon see time fly past, as your brain concentrates solely on finding that missing piece.

Try and keep to a few of these checklist ideas everyday, such as getting a good breakfast and fresh air, whilst adding in a few new ones throughout each week. And if you need a hand in how to manage working at home, check out our top 5 tips right here.

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