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The top 5 design trends that will help your brand stand out from competitors

Design trends

Each year brings along new ideas, discussions and designs. We’ve been busy gathering insight to give you the best possible head start with planning your marketing strategy for the year with our design trend predictions…

Trend 1: The need for brand authenticity continues

Design trends

First up in our 2020 design trends, is a core principle for any brand and that’s authenticity. It’s a principle that’s proven even more important in the age of social media, where customers can easily suss out a lie or inauthentic message.

Brands that stand the test of time think beyond just the logo design and focus on building a broader, more comprehensive identity.

An authentic brand identity means your business follows through on the stories it tells about itself. If you’re passionate about sustainability but fail to adopt any eco-friendly practices, your customers will soon call your brand out.

To stay inline with this design trend, make sure your brand delivers on its promise to customers and is true to any values you promote.

Trend 2: Taking animation and micro interaction to the next level

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When used correctly, motion design and animation can amplify a message or campaign to an audience a lot faster than other forms of content.

The use of animated content is particularly popular on social media channels, attracting users mid-scroll and catching their attention. Micro interaction is also being seen across more websites and digital platforms, helping to subtly bring content to life and keep a reader engaged.

Trend 3: Using design to amplify powerful messages

2019 trends

Designers are always looking at innovative ways to create a social impact, and in the current climate a number of designers are spreading important messages through powerful creations.

After the killing of George Floyd and the outbreak of Black Lives Matter protests across the US and the UK, many designers have used creativity and social media as a platform to help spread important messages during the global protest movements.

It’s a 2020 design trend that’s likely to continue to gain traction next year.

Trend 4: Adopting, embracing and taking action for sustainability

Design trends

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Following on from the design trend of brand authenticity is the movement of more businesses championing sustainability in their product design.

As consumers look for greater transparency from brands, including how their products are created, many are now beginning to question the impact of design and the product supply chain on the planet.

Although some brands are piggybacking on the sustainability movement as a tactical marketing message that goes no further, others are taking the design trend to a deeper level and making serious changes to their product design, such as Evian and Vovic’s fully recyclable water bottles.

Trend 5: Custom typography

Another top 2020 design trend is more brands turning to custom approach typography as they invest in custom typefaces to differentiate from competitors.

One example that is gaining popularity is kinetic typography. It’s a trending customised typeface that uses small and simple animation to move and shift the font on a screen. Kinetic type is being used more by brands as a way to help differentiate brand copy that remains in the viewer’s memory for longer due to the range of movements.

Wondering how you can implement these 2020 design trends into your brand strategy for this year and beyond? Get in touch with our team of creative experts at Rawww.

2020 design trends

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