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Project spotlight… Holidays are in the bag with TravelBag


To mark 10 year’s of Rawww, we’re travelling back in time and revisiting some of our favourite projects from the last 10 years…

Ah, the memories! First up, it’s back to 2008 to revisit TravelBag – and with our expert travel knowledge in digital design, this one’s a real gem!

Who exactly are TravelBag?

This long-haul holiday company specialise in creating tailor-made holidays around the world. Where do you fancy next? They’ll put together your dream ‘round the world’ trip or escorted tour, or if you simply fancy a beach holiday or city escape, their top team will make it a break to remember.

What was the brief?

Our mission was to inspire keen travellers – both online and offline – to visit Australia or South Africa. With so many holiday companies out there competing to do the same thing, we wanted to come up with something different that captured people’s attention in a unique and engaging way. It was also important to us that they liked it so much that they would want to discover what else TravelBag had to offer by perusing their site, as well as use them for any future holiday needs.

TravelBag Website

TravelBag website

What did you do?

We created a great marketing campaign, supported by a micro website and direct mail. For travel hungry folk looking to travel to Australia or South Africa, our design and content came perfectly wrapped with culturally rich, colourful images and messages stamped and pinned on a contemporary brown paper and string background. Take a look at our handy, fully integrated South African mailer and see for yourself… We want to hop on a plane right now!

We had a lot of fun creating this – it’s a cross between brown packaging paper and an antique map scattered with travel tips and vivid diary entries… Perfect to take away with you!

Our creation was a big success – on the first weekend of the campaign alone, more than 4,000 people signed up, and the numbers just kept on growing as the campaign ran.

 Technologies and processes

And don’t forget, we did this back in 2008, so the technologies used then were very different to now…

Using flash technology, we gave users an engaging experience, as they were able to open the diary and see interesting entries for the best places to visit. All the information stored with the flash was created in XML to allow the client’s team to make updates to offers as and when they needed to.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our trip back in Rawww time! Keep an eye out for more projects in the spotlight coming your way to mark our 10-year anniversary very soon.


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