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Exploring how provides customers with the ability to browse products in just three clicks, with a user-focused design.


user experience
user experience

Who provides customers with high quality, affordable digital and litho printing services. From brochures and business cards, to wedding invitations, posters and stickers, the brand offers more than 3000 products on their website.

user experience


In a competitive online market, needed to improve their user insight to help increase online sales through a redesign of their website.

To create a point of difference between and competitors, they needed a website that puts user experience first. Using insight gathered through user testing, we discovered visitors preferred a design solution in the form of a product configurator, allowing users to build their order.

user experience
user experience
user experience


The invaluable insight that enabled us to make informed decisions was gathered through a series of sessions looking at how to improve user experience online. We recruited both customers and non-customers to take part in user testing conducted via recorded video calls to determine if customers had a preference of the two types of product configuration. These user sessions provided invaluable insight that informed our decisions and design of the website.

With this in mind, Rawww redesigned’s website to better reflect the overall customer journey and improve the experience for visitors. A handover to’s internal design and development teams was also included with a detailed design system of components and guidance on micro-interactions.

user experience
user experience
user experience now has a refreshed website that has user experience at the heart of the design, enabling customers to browse more than 3000 product combinations in just three clicks.

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