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Spotlight: Peugeot Contract Hire

Peugeot Contract Hire

The time is here, and we’re incredibly happy to say that the Peugeot Contract Hire website is now live.

After starting the journey by gathering data, we’ve gone on to help redesign and update the website, and it’s now brilliant to see the new-look site up and running. Here we explore how we teamed up with Peugeot to develop a website with an improved user experience that will in turn help business sales grow.

Behind the scenes

At the start of this project, we did a full review of the original Peugeot Contract Hire website, looking to identify where improvements needed to be made. Plenty of analysis and investigations went on behind the scenes, to ensure that user experience was transformed completely, and that the site became an online space that is simple, easy to navigate and converts visitors into customers.

The redesign

A lot went into redesigning Peugeot Contract Hire’s website, from a full search review, to ensuring the pages were fully responsive and used the latest browser techniques. Although plenty changed, the overall design conformed to Peugeot’s guidelines, whilst always keeping the user in mind.

To ensure the overall user experience was improved, we implemented a mobile-first approach to the entire site, which made purchasing and getting quotes even easier for the visitor. For example, online quote calculators were introduced, allowing users to make quick but informed decisions whilst on the go.

Peugeot Contract Hire Website

A streamlined site

To improve the site’s ease of use, a call-to-action bar has been introduced, which follows the scroll. This features links to getting a quote, information on the user’s nearest dealership and Peugeot Contract Hire’s contact details. The call-to-action strategy was also simplified by introducing buttons and links, which were revealed to the user at the right time and in the right place. On top of these two great features, the finance tools have been designed to stand out in a clear way, as to make retrieving a quote and financial advice easier for the user.

Helping hand

As well as making sure that the design provides users with a friendly layout, we also helped Peugeot Contract Hire introduce a pop-up live chat, which provides visitors with the opportunity to talk with an online sales person – whether that be from their mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

“From start to finish, Rawww took the time to fully understand our requirements. From there, they produced a website that not only looks and feels fresh but also provided our users with a website experience they’d expect from us.”

– Peugeot Contract Hire’s Website & Communications Executive – Marketing

The results?

In terms of results it’s still early days, but we can’t wait to see the positive impact these design changes will make to Peugeot Contract Hire and the future of the business.

Feeling inspired by the redesign of Peugeot Contract Hire? Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help transform the look of your website.  


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