Good Stuff.

October 2020 Good Stuff Round-up

Good stuff October 2020

From spooky Halloween campaigns to creative rebrands and more, join us as we take a closer look at our favourite industry work launched during October in our latest Good Stuff Round-up…

A monstrously interactive Halloween campaign in Coventry

Good stuff October 2020

In the run-up to Halloween this month, Visit Coventry launched the #RediscoverYourCoventry campaign with eight massive monsters taking over rooftops in the city centre. Families were encouraged to become ‘Monster Detectives and safely find all of the town’s escaped monsters by downloading the trail map online.

The campaign hoped to encourage more visitors to Coventry city centre and allow families to safely enjoy Halloween by taking part in the activity for free.

A brand refresh to smile about for AO

Good stuff October 2020

The online electrical retailer AO received a brand refresh last month including a new custom typeface, rethought colour palette and redrawn smile logo in a bid to create a better “emotional connection” with customers.

The “long overdue facelift” hopes to distinguish the brand’s warmth and personality from its competitors and to optimise the smiley face logo for digital environments. We like that the brand is now more personable and expressive, with an emphasis on showing AO’s quirky side.

A new ‘confidently British’ logo for Vauxhall

Good stuff October 2020

This month, the British carmaker Vauxhall revealed their new flat, minimal version of their griffin emblem. The refresh replaces the previous three-dimension, metallic logo to create a “cleaner, more modern design”.

The griffin has had its wings clipped (literally), losing them entirely for a logo that’s better suited to digital applications. Although the new logo is bold, we can’t help feeling it follows in a long line of other car brands who have switched from 3D to flat designs recently.

A colourful new design for Gmail

Good stuff October 2020

Gmail revealed a new logo as part of a wider brand update in October, in conjunction with its new brand Google Workspace. Workspace hopes to integrate all brand productivity apps such as Drive and Cal more seamlessly.

The new logo represents an ‘M’ and uses Google’s key brand colour palette – blue, red, yellow and green – to be closer aligned with Google’s other services such as Maps and Chrome. The brand update has been prompted by the transformation of the workplace, with more people working from home following the pandemic.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from November.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from October.


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