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November Good Stuff Round-up


Join us for our November Good Stuff Round-up, as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite creative projects, campaigns and rebrands we’ve talked about over on our Twitter during the last month…

Barbour’s festive ad is best of the bunch

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With the Christmas adverts hitting out screen thick and fast this month, it’s been difficult to choose our favourite. But we think Barbour’s festive ad campaign, that also ties in with the brand’s 125th birthday, comes out trumps.

Inspired by the popular children’s book Father Christmas, with illustrations by the author Raymond Briggs, it stands out amongst the noise of the other Christmas adverts. The campaign is focused more around the sentiment of the season and portrays an emotional side to the brand that viewers will be able to connect with.

Marking history through typeset

campaigns and rebrands

November saw the launch of new typeface ‘Voice of the Wall’, that’s been launched in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The typeset uses photos of real graffiti found on the Wall and with four different versions of each letter available, it means no message is ever the same.

Created for The Cultural Heirs, a non-profit street art organisation that works to prevent violence, it’s an interactive way to build a deeper understanding with what happened. We think it’s a creative and powerful way to mark the anniversary.

Immersive campaign for Boots’ ‘Bootiques’

campaigns and rebrands

With a social media launch and TV takeover on three channels at the same time, Boots’ immersive campaign positions itself as the solution to the ‘modern gifting dilemma’. The brand is launching hundreds of individual ‘Bootiques’ to suit everyone from vegans, to gym lovers, and will be measured in real-time so the campaign can be optimised as it goes.

It’s an interesting idea and by using customer data wisely, the brand are able to offer mass personalisation to target their audiences and reach new ones.

Tree-rific new logo design for tentree

campaigns and rebrands

Canadian outdoor clothes brand tentree, who plant ten trees for each and every product sold, launched their new brand identity. Inspired by key elements of nature, the new logo design represents a tree’s cycle of growth and the positive impact of trees. The zero is said to ‘embody the constant circularity within nature and our drive for sustainability’.

We really love the new look and think it’s a good evolution for the brand that’s more inline with its personality and mission. The earthy hues and nature-inspired brand colour palette also works well.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from December.


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