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A New Look for Peters Books & Furniture

A New Look for Peters Books & Furniture

Peters Books & Furniture supply educational books and furniture to schools, public libraries, nurseries and academies and they approached us for a new look and feel to their company website and brand.

As a company that dates back to 1935 when John Sheldon Peters (Snr) began the business with their first retail bookshop called J.S Peters, Peters is proud of its rich roots and eventual foray into supplying educational furniture. Their reputation as a knowledgeable and specialist supplier is without question, but with a few different moves over the years and their rename to Peters, the company knew they could do more to promote who they are and what they do.

Their old website needed a complete re-design and easy navigation that led users to the right place quickly, with new and exclusive offerings. We also wanted to highlight that Peters offer a fantastic service and have a great team who are passionate about, and specialise in, everything a school or library could need.

Knowing that this website was their front door of their business and key for driving all new potential customers, we set to work…

Mobile website

Working closely with Peters, we completely restructured their website so it gave a seamless user experience; so teachers and librarians can now find what they are looking for easily as products are categorised in a way that is simple, clear and concise. All important service and product areas are given equal prominence and layout decisions were made to ensure a much more engaging experience for potential customers.

The website – and the brand – has emerged revamped and awash with colour and photography that engages and reflects the target market. From strategy and user journey to design, development and art direction, we did it all, and the end results were rounded off perfectly with Matt Wilson photography, which brought all these great elements together.

We’re pleased to say that Peters were overwhelmed with the finished website. It was exactly what we were looking for. From the structure and colour choices to the images and the copy tone. Some more good stuff has been created!

“I am immensely proud of what we have achieved with the new site. It looks fantastic!”
– Claire Bowles, Marketing Manager.

Come back soon for more great project stories like Peters, and if this has made you think about your own brand and website, drop us an email to find out more about how we can help you create some good stuff of your very own.


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