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Creative summer campaign

NCP Summer campaign case study

The UK’s number one car park company NCP, were after a new seasonal campaign to encourage customers to pre-book their summer parking. The creative concept needed to work across emails, display advertising and also on NCP’s website.


NCP Summer campaign case study

The creative idea

NCP wanted their summer 2019 campaign to be focused around customer holidays and spreading a positive message, instead of pushing any products. Following an internal creative brainstorm, Rawww captured the essence of summer holidays and gave it a unique angle. Through bespoke animation and personification, we injected personality into the campaign design by focusing on customers giving their car its own holiday at an NCP car park.

NCP Summer campaign case study

Encouraging email engagement

We also delivered an animated email as part of the summer campaign. The animation was an immediate way to capture an audience’s attention and make them smile, with a car floating on its own lilo. Again the new angle of the campaign supported by the headline ‘giving your car a holiday’ worked well on this platform.

NCP Summer campaign case study

Delivering an impactful campaign

NCP were pleased with the result and believed the email animation contributed to the positive click through numbers and sessions driven to the website following the summer campaign.


“We absolutely loved the summer campaign created by Rawww and were really impressed with the unique concept. We’ve worked alongside Rawww for five years now and each campaign we send out they always deliver strong concepts for us to use. ”

- NCP Brand Marketing Manager


Uplift in click rate


Uplift in open rate

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