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App design to accelerate ticketless parking

To enable seamless, hassle-free parking for customers across the UK through the front-end design NCP’s new ParkPass App.


Driving digital parking

As part of their strategy to evolve the brand to embrace ticketless parking, the UK’s number one parking provider NCP asked for our help in designing the user interface for their new parking app ParkPass. The app would create an easy way for customers to park and pay for their stay without the need for a ticket at any of the 250 NCP car parks.

By downloading the new app and registering for a ParkPass App account, the aim was for customers to be able to find nearby car parks, access app-only prices along with additional features and benefits.

Enabling seamless, easy parking

Before work could take place on creating the design, we first wanted to map user journeys within the app. It was important the design of the app reflected its purpose - to make customers’ lives easier and to create a more seamless parking experience.

Through Rawww’s workshops with the NCP team, we were able to discover key insights to help map user journeys for both ‘pay and display’ and ‘barrier’ car park customers. Within the app, customers are able to use geolocation to search for a nearby car park to see opening times, features and prices. They are then instructed to either scan a QR code to pay for a barrier car park or pay directly within the app for pay and display sites.

Working closely with NCP, we designed the front-end of a pilot version of the ParkPass App that they developed in-house. The pilot was released to a closed set of users, and following the soft launch feedback, NCP were in a good position to make further iterations of the app in-house ready for a nationwide launch.

Streamlined design for a streamlined service

As part of the brand identity Rawww delivered for NCP ParkPass, we created an app specific style toolkit that could be applied across the app-only items. The app had its own brand style and inline with the succinct and seamless experience of the ParkPass service, minimum design elements were used.

We introduced the locational pin icon into the ParkPass brand identity, as it’s a shape that has strong connotations with travel, directions and map signage. This pin is used as part of the ParkPass app icon and product logo, along with being featured throughout marketing material.

Other unique design elements seen within the app include a visual map, 3D phones, and double chevrons - often used on call-to-actions.

We worked within the overarching NCP brand colour palette to define a brand style for the ParkPass App. The app colour palette uses a unique grey and white, with splashes of yellow used sparingly throughout.

A complete bespoke icon set was also created to simplify messaging within the app and help customers easily identify actions. This included icons to represent payments, notifications, vehicle registration and location services.

The easy way to park and pay

We made further refinements to the front-end design of the ParkPass App following the soft launch, to ensure a seamless experience for customers across both Android and Apple devices.

To promote the benefits of the new app, we created assets for both Android and Apple highlighting key features of the app along with an app store video demonstrating the USPs of ParkPass such as quick, ticketless parking and an introductory offer.

Now available for NCP customers across the UK, the ParkPass App has a clear, easy to use interface design that has the user journey at the heart of it. Customers are able to easily locate a car park, pay for parking and extend their stay through their phone, without the need to worry about a ticket.


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