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Meet the new Rawww employees!

Rawww's New Staff

From a new designer and developer to a creative copywriter, there’s a few new faces now in the Rawww studio! We caught up with the latest team members who were busily working away to find out a bit more about them all…

Thomas Wurwal

Thomas, Front End Developer, joined Rawww March 2018:

“If I were to describe myself in three words it would be: quiet, conscientious and Austrian.”

As a Front End Developer, I concentrate mainly on the code that is interpreted by your web browser rather than the computer that the website you are visiting lives on.

I’m looking forward to getting back to working with animation at Rawww since I left it more or less back when Flash was still relevant.

My biggest achievement is…

I won a copy of the full suite of Adobe software for a short animation I made at university. What I am actually proud of is that it probably made me the only student on campus with a legitimate copy of Photoshop. I also passed my cycling proficiency test first go. That’s a lot of pressure at age 8!

My three favourite brands are…

Waterstones – I don’t even read that much but still love being in Waterstones. I can’t think of a more appropriate use of a serif font for a logo and there are little touches that are made in the stores that compliment the experience – such as the hand written book recommendations and the on-site coffee shops.

The smell of coffee makes anyone want to pick up a book in my opinion. Waterstones sell a lot of Penguin Books merchandise too which I am a big fan of branding-wise.

The New Yorker – Because I think the 20’s was a good era for typography, illustration and graphic design and it’s good to see the same aesthetic left pretty much untouched through to this day with this magazine.

Radiohead – Oh, sorry I thought you said band! Bands are brands in a sense too and I’ve always enjoyed the visuals they come out with in terms of videos, album artwork and merchandise, especially the stuff done in conjunction with Stanley Donwood.

When I’m not working you can find me…

Programming synths, watching films, cycling (when the weather finally catches up) and watching CBeebies…with my little niece Sofia of course.

The apps I use the most are…

Stumbleupon, hotukdeals and Google Keep.

What’s your favourite treat out of the the special snack cupboard in the Rawww studio?

Alison’s cupcakes!


Scarlett, Junior Graphic Designer, joined Rawww November 2017:

“If I had to describe myself I would say smiley, very clumsy and a bit of a perfectionist”

As a Junior Graphic Designer, I work on a variety of projects creating branding, sales and marketing assets for clients across a range of industries. From designing imagery for our social media channels to working on concepts for seasonal campaigns I’m really enjoying dabbling in different areas of design whilst working at Rawww.

I’m looking forward to seeing more projects right the way through from beginning to end! As a Junior Designer, I know I still have so much to learn but that makes me excited to build upon my skill set.

My biggest achievement is…

My biggest achievement is being chosen to exhibit my graduating project at D&AD New Blood Festival last summer in London. A select few of my graduating class had a stand at the Old Truman Brewery and amongst a selection of universities across the country, we all shared projects from all different disciplines. Also, more recently, I passed my driving test so now I have been let loose on the roads and the proud owner of Peggy the Peugeot!

My three favourite brands are…

Innocent drinks has been a brand that I have admired even before starting my pursuit within graphic design. What makes this brand so charming, aside from it’s iconic friendly and playful logo of the smiley face is their tone of voice. Innocent drinks really make the most of the space on the back of the carton or bottle which you would usually tend to pay less attention too. Here, little secret messages lie to create further dialogue with their customers such as reference to the ‘banana phone’ and ‘fruit towers’ in regards to getting in touch with any questions. One more reason to love Innocent drinks is the Big Knit campaign! Who wouldn’t want a cute, tiny knitted hat to sit on top of their fruit drink? To make this even more delightful, is that for each smoothie sold, Innocent drinks donates 25p to Age UK to help older people during the winter season.

Replica fragrance is a brand fairly new to me and only encountered while looking through the fragrances in Selfridges. ‘Replica’ are a collection of fragrances by Maison Margiela which in their own right are little bottles of nostalgia. Each fragrance intends to evoke a memory specific to a particular time, emotion or impression with names such as ‘At the Barbers’ or ‘Lipstick On’. Each bottle makes note of the scent memory on the label, the description of the fragrance, the Provenance and period of time and whether it is intended for males or females. For example, the fragrance ‘Funfair Evening’ reads, ‘Santa Monica, 1994’ and a ‘Sweet, mellow delight as the description of the scent. I love how unique and simple this concept is and how it has potential to change the way you think, feel and use fragrances. If the concept wasn’t enough, the packaging is just beautiful. The glass bottle exudes luxury and the fragrance notes on the label display an element of authenticity, making you feel like you’re investing is something more than just a fragrance.

Cystic Fibrosis campaign, one more brand that always comes to mind is a charity campaign for Cystic Fibrosis. This campaign was created in the view that not many people are actually aware of what the condition Cystic Fibrosis is. By noticing that ‘is’ comes at the end of the word ‘Fibrosis’ came for a simple but cleverly executed brand narrative. This narrative saw the creation of a collection of beautiful typographic posters with statements explaining the condition to help with the awareness and understanding such as ‘Cystic Fibrosis invisible but not invincible. This sentence then became the basis for charity events such as ‘Cystic Fibrosis why we bake’ and ‘Cystic Fibrosis why we run’.

When I’m not working you can find me…

I enjoy typical auntie duties as I am a very proud (and slightly obsessive) auntie of a niece and three nephews. We enjoy pile on, baking, crafts, singing and dancing. When I’m not on auntie duty, you will find me at a music event of some kind whether it’s Glastonbury in the summer or dancing to my favourite disco songs.

The apps I use the most are…

The app I use most on my phone would have to be Instagram – especially with it’s more recent addition of GIFS, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect GIF to compliment my stories.

What’s your go-to snack to whilst working on projects at Rawww?

I LOOOVE Mcvities Gold bars!



 Jenny, Creative Copywriter, joined Rawww February 2018:

“As someone who often has three books on the go, I would describe myself as an avid reader, writer and a sunseeker”

In my role as Creative Copywriter, I write a variety of content for clients from social media, blogs and email marketing campaigns to website copy and branding concepts. I’m looking forward to writing creatively every day on different topics. Within my first week alone I think I wrote about fish and chips, operational management software, luxury hotels, canal boats holidays, car parks and pallet-network distribution – just to name a few!

My biggest achievement is…

Organising a backpacking trip across 22 countries at the age of 21 from the UK to Eastern Europe, up to Scandinavia before flying across to India, New Zealand and Australia to live and work for a year!

My favourite brands are…

Diet Coke – There’s a reason this is the world’s number one soft drink, apart from the great taste, it’s how effective the brand’s marketing campaigns are. Focussing on lifestyle aspirations instead of the drink itself, Diet Coke create an aspirational life you could really, nearly lead if you start by just buying their drink.

T2 – From the vibrant T2 teapot that sits on my desk in the Rawww studio to the company’s Instagram page, I love the colours and imagery used by the brand across their website, products and social media channels.

Sport England and ‘This Girl Can’ campaign – I replayed these adverts when they first came out as they had so much impact. It was so refreshing and empowering to finally see real women celebrated for playing, and enjoying, sport in mainstream media whilst encouraging others to get involved regardless of their capability.

When I’m not working you can find me…

Going on road trips, watching old box sets 10 years behind everyone else and playing badminton.

The app I use the most is…

I like to use Calm to help me get to sleep some nights when my brain is whirring. I also obsessively use the maps app and Instagram.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, what’s your favourite work-time treat out of the the special snack cupboard in the studio?

The M&S tubs of miniature tea cakes and caramel bites- delicious! Except because they’re so small you end up eating more and more…

Interested in becoming part of the Rawww team? Why not see what vacancies we have open at the moment and if you think you fit the bill, get in touch!


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