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July 2020 Good Stuff Round-up

july good stuff round up

In the month where we said goodbye to national lockdown and hello once again to foreign holidays, discover more about our favourite creative campaigns, projects and rebrands published during July, in our latest Good Stuff Round-up…

Curry’s “bright world” visual refresh

july good stuff roundup

In a bid to modernise its identity and to become more consistent across physical and digital spaces, Curry’s PC World has received a visual refresh. Inspired by the globe in the retailer’s current logo, the refresh is focused on creating a ‘bright world’ using spheres and circles that “express a sense of openness, optimism and an excitement about life and technology”.

The new visual identity also includes a bespoke typeface ‘Curry sans’ which incorporates the circular theme into the foundation of the type, whilst the brand colour palette has been developed with new pastel hues such as lilac, yellow and pink helping to add vibrancy into the brand.

TUI ‘welcomes back’ holidaymakers

July 2020 creative round up

Following UK government travel restrictions being lifted from 10 July, TUI welcomed back holidaymakers with a multi-million pound campaign aimed at building confidence in the travel market. The ‘Welcome Back’ campaign is designed to inspire nostalgia, reminding consumers of the joy of going on holiday, from the first dip in the pool to feeling the sand in their toes.

We think the campaign certainly hits the right tone in a time of continued cautiousness and uncertainty, and in particular we like the revised strapline ‘Welcome back to looking forward’.

Toyota Europe drives forwards with a new logo refresh

July 2020 creative round up

To help build Toyota’s image in the European market as a more progressive brand, the car manufacturer has received a new logo and identity to appeal to a modern, digital and expanding customer base.

Shaped by four key goals (forward-thinking, more premium feel, consistent and mobile-first), the new visual identity has seen the ‘Toyota’ wordmark dropped and a clean, monochrome colour palette introduced. Overall although the new logo design and identity isn’t dramatically different, it portrays more of a premium, elegant feeling.

From ‘generic’ to ‘gritty’ for The Royal Academy of Music

July 2020 creative round up

The Royal Academy of Music has received a rebrand, including a new logo, photography and video style, and an updated tone of voice, to convey its future ambitions. The Academy previously felt their identity was too ‘generic’ and wanted to stand out more from competitors.

The new identity is based around the brand narrative that ‘Music must always move forward’ – a motto that features in copy throughout the new branding. The inspiration behind the logo refresh, stems from musical notation and the symbol for a crescendo as this demonstrated a “desire for a more powerful voice” and shows the push for “forward motion along a musical score, never back”.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from August.


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