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January Good Stuff Round-up

Join us for our January Good Stuff Round-up, as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite creative projects, campaigns and rebrands we’ve talked about over on our Twitter during the first month of 2020…

Child-friendly – not childish – new identity for charity

The National Children’s Bureau has received its first rebrand in 12 years with a new logo design. Established in 1963, the charity is focused around protecting and promoting children and young people’s rights.

The new strapline ‘United for a better childhood’ was the springboard for the rebrand, although the charity also wanted their new identity to be comprehensible to both young children and adults. We love the bright colour palette and playful tone that brings another level to the brand.

A bloody good advert for Dracula

January saw the launch of new BBC television series Dracula, and we saw some pretty juicy creative marketing in anticipation of the new episodes. Using a clever play of shadows and stakes, billboard advertising shows the form of Dracula come to life as the sun sets. We think the campaign was a fresh take on out of home advertising, leaving more questions than answers and helping to build up interest in the series launch.

Bold new identity for Houst


Previously known as ‘Airsorted’, the airbnb hosting company has rebranded as Houst (a mix of ‘house’ and ‘host’) to stand out from more traditional competitors.

The new identity is based around a strong, authoritative wordmark and is set against a striking yellow and black colour palette. It’s definitely not the usual look you would associate with a hosting company, and gives the brand a confident persona. We particularly like the floorplan-inspired shapes as an interesting design element for the brand.

All systems go for GoDaddy

With more than 78 million domain names registered through the company and a host to more than 19 millions users, GoDaddy has introduced a new logo and identity. The new rebrand is based around a ‘GO’ symbol of empowerment, created to strike a chord with entrepreneurs around the world.

Although we’re still not 100% convinced on the overly spiritual positioning of the new identity, we appreciate the interesting ideas behind it and feel it could be a grower!

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from February

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