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In the Spotlight: Upskill People

Upskill People

This month’s In the Spotlight focuses on our recent work with Upskill People, who offer a unique and user friendly e-learning platform for the retail and hospitality industries.

Established in 1994, Upskill People felt their old website didn’t truly reflect who they are and the bespoke service they offer. They also felt it was outdated in comparison to their competitors.

Upskill People are at the forefront of developing fully interactive and engaging courses for businesses and their employees, locally and globally. What they now needed was a website to reflect their status and reputation on the retail and hospitality e-learning market, and so our team here at Rawww set to work.

Our creative team created a strategy that enabled us to reposition Upskill People within their market and streamline the customer experience. With a wide range of features, courses and benefits we needed to portray, we instantly knew that the use of illustration was the right path for Upskill People as it offers a great way to present all the key elements required in an easy to understand manner as well as being on point digitally.

Upskill People Website

By using wire-frame prototyping and informed strategy, we were able to achieve the right balance of creativity and content. Our chosen illustration style worked well too, helping us to create a look that expressed the friendly and approachable manner of Upskill People, and that appealed to their potential (and existing) customers.

Upskill People Websiet

The result? A user friendly, yet informative website with a clear picture of the platform that drives enquiries and leads. And, most importantly, Upskill People were very impressed:

“The website looks fantastic and has most certainly lived up to our expectations. I can’t thank the Rawww team enough. I’m delighted!”

– Managing Director, Upskill People.

upskill people

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