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In the Spotlight… The EasyJet Inspire Me Tool

The EasyJet Inspire Me Tool

Need some holiday inspiration? Look no further than the EasyJet Inspire Me Tool, an innovative and easy to use content creation idea… and the focus of our latest In the Spotlight article.

As it’s summer (the sun is slowly making an appearance, let’s hope it stays that way), we’re in a holiday mood, especially as we’re celebrating ten years of Rawww, and our work on the EasyJet Inspire Me Tool. Bringing this fun, easy to use map to life took time, creativity and a collaboration with True Clarity who have the know-how to make technology work seamlessly with big data.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Take a look at the EasyJet Inspire Me Tool for yourself and discover just how easy it is to use. You’ll be booking a holiday and jetting off in no time.

What was the brief?

As a pan-European airline; operating more than 600 routes and with over 200 Airbus aircraft in more than 30 countries (quite an achievement for a company that is just 20 years old), EasyJet sell themselves as ‘easy’ through their brand presence. They needed a tool to make booking flights even a little more inspiring… something which breaks down all the routes and countries they offer more effectively.

Our brief was to help shape the customer journey, making it easy to use and to ensure it looked inspiring.

What does the tool do?

Working as a handy, easy to use map, the EasyJet Inspire Me Tool uses a scrolling bar to show varying budgets, which, if clicked on, feature pop-ups with snippets of useful information on different countries, cities or even themes, along with ticket prices and flights shown in real time depending on customer preferences.

What did we do?

Behind the design scenes, we helped map the customer journey of the tool from start to finish. We worked closely with True Clarity during the product development stage to make sure everything worked as seamlessly as possible, so that the tool would flow, function and work with ease.

We also defined the look and feel of the EasyJet Inspire Me Tool; the user interface design. Mapping out where everything should sit so it was straightforward and convenient for the target audience.

Brand cohesion was another crucial consideration as we had to ensure everything we designed was consistent with the EasyJet brand guidelines.

Where are you going?

The results

The EasyJet Inspire Me Tool rolled out a series of TV adverts to support the launch and now, it is available in over 14 languages which means even more people can access and use it.

We’re really proud of our work on the EasyJet Inspire Me Tool; as a way of showing customers great value, it’s perfect. But it also goes beyond the value element by inspiring customers and giving them an incentive to book with tempting information and right-now prices and dates to get away.

We’re off to take another look and see where inspiration takes us for our next trip away, but we’ll be back very soon with another great In the Spotlight article to celebrate our first ten years of Rawww. See you next month!

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