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Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to Rawww

Here at Rawww, we’re in a party mood as we’re celebrating our birthday! We’re ten years old on July 21st and to celebrate, we’re looking back over the years since Rawww was born back in 2005 – and just how much we achieved in these last ten years…

As a fully integrated creative agency, we’re really proud of the vast range of happy clients we have built relationships with, and by how much we have grown.

Here are just a few of our highlights in the past ten years, and here’s to many more to come!


Ah, our first year… Theo remembers that first day well and how great it felt to finally open the door to agency Rawww.

It was a lovely sunny day and as he sat outside having lunch at our first studio situated in Birmingham’s Custard Factory, he saw Jon Bentley being filmed for the Gadget Show, reviewing new battery operated flying objects (not quite flying drones just yet!).


Lewis joins fresh out of Coventry University and full of creative energy and flair. Lewis worked closely on P&O cruises with Frazer in those early years – little did he know that he would become a world-class geography mapping connoisseur…


Flip flops and bikinis… this was the theme for our digital campaign, and it just so happens that flip flops also became regular footwear in the studio after this (Alison still wears her flips flops well into November…)


Electric Wharf became our new Rawww home… a great little urban setting in the heart of Coventry, and it’s still our home today. Super organised Alison and super talented Iain join the team to help support our newly found collaboration with Holiday Autos and begin their journey with the little orange car.


Pitching for – and winning new work became the norm and so did late night pizza. Domino’s just loved us! The delivery guy even knew most of us by name… oops!


We delivered our first automotive platform to help service Peugeot Aftersales Advisors and grew a network for keeping people in the know. You’ll also find we’ve managed to deliver this for Citroen with the help of our ladies Emily and Thalia providing editorial and account support. And of course, crucial technical support from Rhydian and Marcus comes in handy too!


We became an agency known for our work in travel through our work with Saga group, Travel Bag,, Audley Travel and On the Beach. If only we had more time to travel ourselves! Fred joins the creative team and soon becomes the official organiser of all our social events, as well as keeping us guessing with her ever-changing crazy coloured hair (she has great design skills too).


2013 was the year of some exciting new projects (which called for plenty of tea and Tunnock wafers – our cupboards are always stocked) BID Services, Fortec Distribution and Park Resorts to name a few. And let’s not forget the new addition to our client family… NCP, the car parking heroes, a creative relationship which still continues today.


Our team won awards for their great work on Citizen Watches and To provide further support, Sophie joins the design team and Maria helps ensure we stay busy.


After many successful projects and plenty of beans on toast, tea, and pizza… and chocolate… Rawww turns ten (hooray!) and through our charity work, we’ve decided to climb Snowdonia! Are we mad? Possibly, but we’re brilliantly creative and our clients think we’re the best thing since sliced bread…

With regards to our Snowdonia climb, watch this space as we may be in touch asking for a penny or two (dig deep please…)

And so, once again, happy birthday to us! We’ve had a great time so far, we’ve worked hard for our clients, had lots of fun (and challenges too) felt really proud and we’ve achieved a lot so we hope you’ll join us in raising your beans on toast to Rawww. We couldn’t have done it without our lovely team and, more importantly our fantastic clients who we’ve had the pleasure of working with along the way. Thank you to you all and here’s to another ten years (and more) of Rawww! Cheers!



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