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March 2020 Good Stuff Round-up

Join us for our March 2020 Good Stuff Round-up, as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite creative projects, campaigns and rebrands we’ve seen during the last month…

Driving change with new BMW logo

March saw BMW unveil their new logo to mark a ‘new chapter’ in the car manufacturer’s history, one that represents an “openness and clarity”. The new, flat familiar roundel is said to symbolise the brand’s “significance and relevance for mobility and driving pleasure in the future.”

However we’re not entirely convinced by the update and feel it just looks a little too…flat. We think the black is vital to the BMW logo and although we understand the rationale behind the new concepts, perhaps keeping a white stroke around the propeller would hold the logo more together. We wonder what the 2030 refresh will bring?

Pushing boundaries for Sundance Festival branding

Started in the late 70s, Sundance Film Festival is a not-for-profit event that showcases films and artworks from around the world that are pushing the limits and boundaries of storytelling.

We love the concept created for this year’s identity which is typographically led, bold and incredibly distinctive. The identity focuses on a series of symbols that represent the beam of light from a film projector and how your eye reacts to light and the sun.

The social distancing design bandwagon

After the Tokyo Olympic Games became the first brand to represent social distancing in their logo, many have since followed suit this month. From VW to Audi, Ikea to Guinness, brands have been quick to respond creatively to encourage people to stay at home.

Not all have been well received however. McDonald’s updated logo received harsh criticism for being ‘tasteless’ and not backed with any physical evidence of the brand making changes or taking action to help.

Creative new rebrand for Pollination

Specialist climate change advisory and investment firm Pollination, work with governments and businesses to navigate the climate transition design ideas that deliver financial results.

To communicate the brand’s unique way of working, they needed a new identity based around ‘working collectively towards a net zero carbon emissions future’. The new graphic logo represents the importance of continuous collaboration, whilst the adjusted tone of voice is more intellectual and brand photography focuses on the ‘bigger picture’.

It’s a simple idea that works really well, creating an almost editorial style that adds gravitas to the brand.

What will the next few weeks hold for the creative industry? Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from April.

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