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We are excited to launch our brand new Social Media Calendar, full of useful dates and events to help fuel your social media content for the foreseeable future.

The calendar contains social post examples and top tips to provide you with all the inspiration you need to put together a social content plan like no other.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are just a few of the important dates that everyone should factor into their social media schedule, along with specific social post ideas that you might not have considered.

1. Easter – 4th April 2021

Easter is another valuable date in the diary as it can fuel your business’ social posting for an entire weekend.

There are endless Easter themed competitions and content to create to boost audience engagement on your social channels. Try running a virtual egg hunt, launching a spring clean campaign or offering your audience a sweet discount that they can’t refuse. 

The classic team or costume photo is always a good idea in social media. In the run up to Easter, if a couple of you deliver Easter eggs to the team wearing bunny ears, be sure to take a snap and share it on your social media channels.

Including some ‘egg-cellent’ puns in your posts is also an opportunity not to be missed. In fact, they might be ‘eggsactly’ what your content needs.

2. World Environment Day – 5th June

With more and more people becoming eco-conscious, World Environment Day is the time to promote all the good your business does for the planet and consider if you could do any more.

Do you locally source your products? Do you use recycled materials? Have you made an effort to reduce your emissions? Whatever you do, shout about it and raise awareness on your social media pages.

You could run a green campaign for the day where you post engaging quizzes, games or facts about the environment to educate your audience.

Make sure to do your research and check the theme as there is a different one each year that may be worth tying into your social posts.

3. Halloween – 31st October

Halloween is the perfect time to either trick or treat your customers in your social media content.

During this time, businesses pour in a lot for their marketing efforts to make sure they become relevant and get trending on social media. This means you have to stand out to be effective in your online campaigns to grab people’s attention.

If you’re looking to increase engagement, playing a spooktacular prank on your social pages is a way to tie in with the idea of ‘tricking’ your audience.

Or if you’re feeling kind, offering a seasonal discount or launching a creepy product promotion can be a good way to both increase sales and tie your content in with the celebrations.

Halloween is also the perfect time to post user-generated content. Whether it is costumes or pets dressed as pumpkins, asking your audience to send pictures in as part of a competition will provide you with an abundance of posts created by your very own customers.

4. Christmas – 25th December

Now we know that you could never forget about posting Christmas themed content on social media. However, we also know that coming up with something original can be a tricky task.

Why not gift your audience with some merry deals or offers to make them feel appreciated and get them into the festive spirit?

Hosting a 12 days of Christmas themed giveaway, creating a gift-guide or personalised naughty and nice list are all ways to both give back to your audience and fuel your social media content. 

Asking your audience to rate popular seasonal music, films or food in your posts is guaranteed to boost engagement as everyone has their own opinions on what makes the ultimate Christmas.

5. New Year’s Eve – 31st December

Celebrating the New Year on your social media channels provides a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and recognise all of the support your business has received from your customers.

You could take this time to show your appreciation for all of the people who enabled your business to thrive throughout the past year.

This could be through simply dedicating a post to the individuals or groups that made a big difference, or saying thank you by giving back with a special offer or discount.

The beginning of a new year is also the ideal time to launch new products or services. Consider posting a ‘sneak peek’ or ‘behind the scenes’ style social post to build audience excitement and anticipation.

We hope this blog has provided you with a better idea about how you can use our new Social Media Calendar to create your best social media strategy yet. 

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