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website design


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Exploring how a new B2B website design for Gemba Solutions provided a platform for the team to showcase their software, services and vibrant personalities.


website design
website design


Global-selling OEE software business, Gemba Solutions, provides software for clients across the globe to help transform their manufacturing operations through efficiency improvements. The business has three core software products that sit as sub-brands of Gemba: gemba lean, gemba connect and gemba cloud.

The Gemba team are known for being fun, friendly and fantastic at what they do. Through continually working closely with clients, they’ve created ongoing relationships that move with people as they join new companies and deploy Gemba there as well. Many clients liked working with them so much they decided to join the company and become part of the Gemba team.

website design
website design


The business needed a creative and visually engaging new website design that provided a platform to promote their three core products to potential clients whilst showcasing the team’s vibrant personalities.

However their previous site didn’t have the flexibility to incorporate both personality and products into the design. It was also difficult to navigate and out of date with Gemba’s refreshed branding from Rawww.

Gemba also wanted to refocus their messaging to weave the concept of ‘empowering productivity’ into the copy to portray a consistent brand message of support and partnership. This supportive concept was also interlaced in copy tone, positioning Gemba as an encouraging, approachable and knowledgeable team who would be supporting clients on their continuous improvement journey, every step of the way. They approached Rawww for help in delivering a design that was bold, user-friendly and provided the standout that would elevate the brand above competitors.

website design
website design
website design


The refreshed website design uses colourful, fluid nodes and diagrams to help structure content across the website. Through subtle animation and bespoke illustrations content is brought to life across each page, whilst authentic, candid photography helps to humanise the brand.

A dedicated ‘Our Story’ and ‘How We Work’ page demonstrates to customers the team’s friendly personalities and ethos. Team illustrations (including Betty the ‘Barketing Executive’ office dog) are also used alongside interactive carousels to promote Gemba’s unique company culture.

For each product page, we used a ‘problem / solution’ approach to writing the copy. Headlines focused on asking questions that recognised key pain points for clients, such as ‘Struggling with spreadsheets?’ and ‘Want a scalable solution?’. Immediately recognising common problems captures the audience’s attention and naturally leads onto suggesting a solution, through introducing key USPs of Gemba’s software.

The new website also has a private area for current clients to log-in and have access to a variety of downloadable resources and exclusive how-to guides. This login-only area provides clients with instant support on their software and further information on how to make the most of their new system.

website design
website design
website design

Gemba now have a user-friendly website that clearly promotes their software and services, encourages higher conversion rates whilst providing a platform for the team to showcase their friendly personalities.


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