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Gemba Solutions

Transforming a software business into a vibrant worldwide brand

b2b branding

Inspiring worldwide continuous improvement

Empowering workforces to achieve results

Reaching out to new audiences and vertical markets

An empowering story of how Gemba Solutions used the nature of their friendly team to strengthen their branding and see continuous improvement worldwide.


b2b branding
b2b branding


Gemba Solutions provide Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software solutions for clients in manufacturing and production that help reduce downtime and empower workforces. Gemba supports clients through transforming their manufacturing operations, providing software that equips them with the data and insight needed to make informed decisions that lead to continuous efficiency improvements.

One of Gemba’s key USPs is that they support their clients every step of the way through their improvement journey - they don’t just hand over software and walk away.

b2b branding
b2b branding


Gemba’s previous branding was tired and didn’t represent the colourful nature of the team that clients love. We wanted to bring the idea of ‘empowerment’ to the forefront; Gemba ‘empower productivity’ in their clients, who in turn empower their workforce to achieve results.

Gemba’s communication also used a flat, impersonal tone that was indifferent to who the team really were. To truly connect with customers, we felt the tone of voice needed to change and position Gemba as an experienced, professional and friendly business partner clients could rely on.

b2b branding
b2b branding
b2b branding


A vibrant new colour palette was introduced to the brand to better reflect the team’s friendly personalities whilst the use of bold colours is consistent across all areas of the brand refresh.

Fluid nodes merge together from start to finish to represent the end-to-end service offered by Gemba and represent a production line. The logo design is influenced by the idea of Gemba’s end-to-end service resulting in continuous improvement, with the nodes subtly forming the letter ‘G’. Gemba’s three core software products (gemba lean, gemba connect and gemba cloud) also needed sub-branding. By extending the brand colour palette and splitting the logo, each product now has a unique identity that is inline with the overarching brand refresh.

But it wasn’t just a visual refresh Gemba needed, their tone of voice also needed a bit of TLC. Core brand elements of Gemba (being friendly, empowering and passionate) inspired the refreshed copy tone: approachable, not alienating and educational, not patronising.

The updated font (Forma DJR Banner Regular) was also consciously chosen to be inline with Gemba’s core values and personality. As a stylish revival of the classic Italian sans, it’s a font that offers warmth and stands out from the crowd, traits that are similar to Gemba’s service offering.

b2b branding
b2b branding

Continuous design

To empower the Gemba team with the information they needed to ensure all of their marketing channels continue to stay consistent in style and tone, we created a detailed set of B2B branding style guidelines.

The style guide gives a holistic overview of every element of the Gemba brand, with detailed information for the team to ensure any future communication is on-brand. This includes demonstrating how to use diagrams to visually show captured data and the type of photography that should be used. To help spread the word about Gemba, we also delivered creative stationery designs - from letterheads to comp slips and business cards.

b2b branding
b2b branding


“The new branding the Rawww team created for Gemba Solutions is spot on. It perfectly captures what we do and who we are, by really bringing our business and team personalities to life.”

- Gemba Solutions

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