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February’s Good Stuff Round-up

February round up good stuff

We’re always interested in industry campaigns, rebrands and new identities created for businesses across the world. Each month, as part of our Good Stuff Round-up series, we’ll be choosing a few of our favourite projects that we’ve posted about on our Twitter within the last couple of weeks, to take a closer look…

National Museum of Iceland rebrand

Located in the capital city of Reykjavik, the National Museum of Iceland showcases the country’s history and culture, including iconic contemporary works. The museum recently received a new identity which ties together strong typography, cultural heritage and a bold colour palette. The new identity isn’t completely detached from the original branding, but instead expands on what the museum already had in terms of logo design, with bright new colours introduced.

The historical typefaces used represent Iceland’s heritage bringing in Fuþark runes, Fraktur (calligraphic lettering used in manuscripts in the 12th Century), Höfðaletur (carved ornamental lettering from 16th Century) and sans serif typography which is still used today in the country’s printing techniques.

Macmillan rebrand to attract diverse volunteers

Macmillan Cancer Support, originally called ‘The Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer’, was set up to improve the experiences of those living with the disease.

In order to try and attract a wider variety of volunteers, the charity rebranded with the hope of appealing to a younger audience. The rebrand also included a shift in focus and TOV of the charity’s identity to a more positive outlook – helping those with cancer to “live life as fully as you can.”

The logo was redesigned to work well for digital, allowing it to be animated easily as well as static, and uses hand-drawn, green bubble-style typography, reading “We are Macmillan Cancer Support”. The previous colour palette of three greens has been simplified to just one ‘bright’ shade and we particularly like the new illustrations of everyday items emphasising that sadly cancer is relatable for everybody.

Mastercard’s new sonic branding

Mastercard developed a new logo in 2015, their first redesign in over 20 years. Since then, the brand has been keen to keep up momentum with innovative branding. The latest design from Mastercard, comes in the form of ‘sonic branding’ with the release of its own soundtrack.

Essentially it’s a transaction sound that will play when users pay with their Mastercard. The sound was developed with a team of “musicians, artists, and agencies from across the globe”. We think it reflects the way branding is rippling into all areas of our lives instead of purely just visual, especially with the rise of voice assistants brands are creating new identities that we’ll begin to recognise by sound.

RAF stereotype defeating campaign

The latest campaign by The Royal Air Force (RAF) titled ‘Women should be defined by actions, not cliches’, challenges the stereotypical roles women usually play in advertising.

The campaign is one of the winners of Channel 4’s ‘Diversity in Advertising Award’, which was set up to encourage more campaigns to challenge sexist cliches so often found in the media. The RAF’s campaign depicts the difference between how women are portrayed in advertising, compared to the realities of everyday life for a woman serving in the RAF which we think is pretty refreshing to see on our TV screens!

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and rebrands from March.

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