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February 2020 Good Stuff Round-Up

Join us for our February 2020 Good Stuff Round-up, as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite creative projects, campaigns and rebrands we’ve talked about over on our Twitter during the last month…

Accessible rebrand for Addaction charity

Addiction and mental health charity Addaction, launched their rebrand this month to become ‘We are With You’. Along with the name change (‘With You’ for short), the charity now has a new visual identity, wordmark and updated colour palette.

We like the new bold and friendly branding, and can see how it helps make the brand more human. The name change We are With You is simple and yet also encourages this feeling of friendliness. The charity have also updated their language guidelines, so that they are using a more ‘everyday’ tone to communicate with users.

Contemporary rebrand for finance AI app, Multiply

Multiply, a financial AI app, has received a confident new visual identity to help make the brand stand out from more traditional competition.

The new identity includes a cheeky tone of voice that pushes the brand just far enough, before anything becomes too silly. The wordmark uses Sharp Type’s Doyle Black Italic, which brings a sense of familiarity and informality to an otherwise corporate industry.

We also love the use of rabbits as it ties in well with the brand name Multiply and the execution is not overly cartoony or childish, but full of memorable personality.

Creative kinetic icons for Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee of the Paralympic and Olympic Games unveiled their animated pictograms this month.

The 73 kinetic icons each show their sport in motion (from swimming to golf, archery to gymnastics), representing 22 Paralympic sports and 33 Olympic sports. Each of these pictograms has been designed to ‘subtly communicate the characteristics and athleticism of the sport’.

We think the simplicity of each graphic component design with added flourishes, creates a really impactful and impressive icon suite.

Graphic rebrand for Gradcore

We really like the new “graphic” rebrand for graduate employment company Gradcore, that aims to make the brand stand out from the crowd.

The rebrand is based around ‘thousands of journeys’ and includes a new visual language for the business. The idea of journeys is illustrated within the new identity through arrows and pathways, whilst a bespoke variation of the typeface Intro Inline has been used.

Within this type, the letterforms are split into three – a solid, inline with solid and inline – to create a layered effect.

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