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Email Insight: 8 Facts About Email Marketing

Email Insight: 8 Facts About Email Marketing

Whether you’re a firm believer in the power of email, or on the road to becoming one, the facts surrounding email marketing speak for themselves.

Here we explore some of the more impactful stats that prove how relevant this side of digital is, and why you should start taking email seriously.

  1. 77% of email marketers believe that email is a crucial part of their marketing strategy (source: The Radicati Group)
  2. It’s predicted that there will be 5.59 billion email accounts by 2019 (source: The Radicati Group)
  3. 98% of millennials check their personal email at least every few hours at work. (source: HBR)
  4. Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails (source: Juptier)
  5. On average, personalised emails benefit from a 18.8% open rate vs. the 13.1% non-personalised received (source: Statista 2016)
  6. Those who receive abandoned cart emails are 2.4% more likely to complete the purchase (source: Experian 2016)
  7. Segmented email campaigns have a 14.2% higher open rate than non-segmented (source: MailChimp 2016)
  8. Gmail has over 1 billion active users (source: TechCrunch 2016)

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