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December Good Stuff Round-up

Join us for our December Good Stuff Round-up, as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite creative projects, campaigns and rebrands we’ve talked about over on our Twitter during the last month of 2019…

Sparky new logo for design school

The Media Design School in New Zealand, who offer courses and degrees for the digital and creative technology industries have introduced a new identity to help capture imagination and express their personality more.

The ‘creative spark’ of the older two-dimensional logo has broken free with 3D rendering, creating a real sense of energy. We’re big fans of the new logo and brand identity, and especially love how the 3D rendering subtly interacts with the wordmark.

All eyes on OFFF TLV new branding

December saw the launch of a new identity for OFFF in Israel, a visual design festival. With motion elements and bold colours, it’s certainly an eye-catching rebrand.

Although the aesthetic probably could have been pushed more than just using eye symbols, the colour palette and strong typography still help position OFFF as an industry influencer.

A world first for renewable ink

Using the world’s first algae offset ink, outdoor clothing company Patagonia has used a renewable substitute for petroleum-based inks to design their printed city guide.

Made as a byproduct from algae grown for spirulina production, it’s the first time an oil-based version has been used on a publication before. We think it’s an interesting breakthrough in eco-friendly design and packaging, and one that we look forward to following its progression.

New brand name and identity for announced they were changing their brand name to Whereby in August 2019, but last month saw the unveiling of their new brand identity and visual profile. Designed to spark imagination and curiosity, while bringing a feeling of calm, the new identity is inspired by fantasy, fairy tales, dreams and even poetry.

The colour palette is inspired by nature to also emphasise the feeling of calmness, whilst new illustrations create a feeling of dreaming and surrealism fitting with the brand’s ambition of ‘curiosity and exploring new ways for the future’.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from January 2020.


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