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Data driven creative campaigns…are you using them?

data driven creative

We all want our creative campaigns to be successful, and in this age of digital marketing, that often means moving away from the old, traditional techniques and trying something new.

Enter data-driven creative campaigns. So many companies are now realising the benefits of moving away from only using static data to target their ads and instead, are investing their time and resources into developing creative ideas for their data-driven advertising and creative campaigns.

Using data-driven creative involves gathering insights and information about an audience in a closer and more transparent way to inform the creative messaging in any particular campaign rather than reply on simple, third party data. Data layering, user location, online user behaviour, purchasing behaviour and more will enable companies to create campaigns that are more relevant to their audience and engage them.

The key to getting this right is a collaborative approach between creative, media and tech teams, as well as focusing on the same audience. For example, Adobe, a company always at the forefront in the creative industry, has set up API integrations with its creative and content agencies to be able to use data and media when creating concepts on a more personal, more connective level.

Understanding your target consumer by using data-driven creative works; just look at Spotify, who once again, created a successful global campaign in 2018 just by using the right customer data. They creatively delved into listener habits and used customer interaction to gain, understand and turn those behaviours into relevant, funny and consumer-centric messages that their listeners loved!

spotify data creative campaign

At the end of 2017, the data showed that a lot of the news about events that happened around the world had left viewers with, in Spotify’s words, ‘a lot of fatigue and exhaustion’ and rather than focus on that, they wanted to bring a sense of ‘spirit and optimism’ to their 2018 campaign.

As a global campaign, these ads run in 18 markets worldwide, but by using a data-driven creative approach, they are able to really tap into user behaviours and use them in humorous ways in their campaign. Straplines such as: “2018 goals: Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their ‘I Love Gingers’ playlist” and “2018 goals: Be as mildly optimistic as the person who created the ‘I think I Cannes’ playlist.”

creative campaigns with data - spotify

So many leading publications are taking notice too, with the campaign featuring in Adweek, Campaign, The Drum, The Verge, NBC, Business Insider and The Independent.

If you would like to know more about data-driven creative and how it can impact your brand or business get in touch with our team at Rawww and discover the difference it can make to your campaigns today.

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