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Celebrating Christmas With NCP’s Elves

Celebrating Christmas With NCP’s Elves

As with every year, NCP have once again created a special Christmas campaign that captivates their parking audience. This time they chose to focus on elves, or more specifically: Santa’s Little Parkers.

With the aim of reflecting how helpful NCP are during the busiest time of the year for parking, we’ve worked with NCP to create a campaign that really hammers this home.


To begin with, we got to work creating NCP’s brilliant Little Parkers, making sure they looked the part. What a big ol’ present!

Barrier Arm

We then looked at where NCP’s customers might park, from last-minute Christmas shopping, to airports as they jet off on their holidays.

Scratch card

To add some fun into the mix, we introduced a scratch card that gave NCP customers a chance of winning exciting prices online – what a festive treat!

Arena Screen

Hey, check out the NCP elves rocking out on the Manchester Arena screen – rock on!

So as you can see, NCP’s Little Parkers have been very busy over the festive period, making sure everyone has a safe place to park. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve created together with NCP and can’t wait to spot the elves whilst we’re out and about over the Christmas break. In fact, we might even take an ‘elfie with them! (Sorry, we couldn’t help oursELVES).



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