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Celebrating 15 years of Rawww

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The 14th July 2020 marked a milestone at our creative agency, as we celebrated 15 years of Rawww. That’s 5,475 days of delivering the Good Stuff and standout brand experiences for clients.

From moving office back in 2007 (swapping the Custard Factory in Birmingham with Electric Wharf in Coventry), to when we climbed mountains for charity and saw our copy translated into 19 different languages, after 15 years there’s a lot we could have celebrated.

However, as the team is still working hard from home, we partied virtually via video using Kahoot to play the fastest finger first in some tricky quizzes based around Rawww’s brand experience over the years.

brand experience

Each member of the team created a quiz, with rounds such as ‘What client does this strapline belong to?’ and ‘Who did we create this pattern,character or node for?’

It was a fun and challenging way to both test our memories and reflect on everything we have achieved over the years, including recognising that we’ve worked with an impressive 266 clients since we first supported Npower back in 2005.

brand experience

The quiz saw us revisit past characters we’ve created for clients, such as ‘Vivo the Dog’ for Vivo Telecommunications in 2014, ‘Wheelz’ for Holiday Autos and ‘Pete’ for NCP (who has seen a few style refreshes over the years!).

It was also a chance for us to reflect on Rawww’s own branding, from our previous website designs and correctly identifying our first brand statement: “At Rawww, we create communications that actually communicate.”

brand experience

The team went to town decorating their video backdrops in preparation for the quiz, using bunting, balloons, fairy lights and birthday cake hats in a bid to win the best background competition…winner to be announced very soon!

We can’t wait to celebrate properly with the whole team when it’s safe to do so in the future. Here’s to seeing what the next 15 years brings Team Rawww!


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