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What’s the importance of brand and digital strategy for SEO?

Brand and digital strategy for seo

It’s time to add brand investment into your SEO budget and digital strategy, if you want to improve your brand’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listing.

As Google tinkers with its algorithm thousands of times a year, it can be tough for brands to get noticed on a SERP.

Although Google does give brands preferential treatment, it favours the more recognisable, bigger brands. So how can smaller businesses fight to be seen?

If you focus on increasing brand strength and recognition, Google will learn to trust your business and customers will be more inclined to click onto your website.

Following her recent trip down south for the Brighton SEO conference, our Head of Projects Alison found the key conference message to be similar: branding is the most viable SEO strategy there is out there. Discover a few simple ways you can improve SEO by focusing on your brand…

Entities are the most important concept in SEO

Every brand consists of numerous entities in different places. To help improve your user journey and brand SEO, it’s important to try and connect all of these entities together.

Focus on building and growing each entity (such as social media posts or website blogs) and pay attention to how you can connect each of these.

Using structured data markup to earn rich snippets can also help with connecting your entities and SEO. Structured data allows Google to make contextual relationships between entities easily and can help strengthen your brand online.

Increase in EAT

Brand and digital strategy for seo

No sadly, this doesn’t involve any food. EAT is Google’s search quality rating guidelines and stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

Google is looking for a level of expertise to power their results, so we should all be hiring experts to author and leverage data from known entities to improve our SEO.

Really understand your audience

Brand and digital strategy for seo

Another way you can align brand and digital strategy with improving your SEO, is by focusing more on your user intent and taking the time to understand your audience.

We should all be aiming to communicate with customers in the most conversational way possible.

We need to understand what a searcher is expecting to find when they submit a query online.

If they click through to our website, are we giving them the most suitable answer? Is the language we use jargon-free and simple to follow?

Also, make sure each of your webpage’s keywords is directly related to your user’s intent and the content on the page.

How to get noticed by people

Last year, over 18 billion was spent on marketing to consumers. However, 90% of this expenditure went unnoticed and the same goes for SEO.

So how does investing in the right branding get your business to stand out?

Dave Trott, a renowned advertising guru, spoke about the problem of brands focusing too much on the method of communication or the channel we’re using, and not on the customer.

There are three steps we need to take to enable us to effectively connect with our customers: Impact, Communication and Persuasion.

To put these steps into a contextual example, the below scenario imagines a husband sat watching the TV who desires a cup of tea from his wife. Here he tries using each of these steps to achieve his goal:

Number 1: “Cath?” Impact
Number 2: “Cath, will you make me a cup of tea?” Communication
Number 3: “Cath if you make me a cup of tea, I’ll take the bins out.” Persuasion

Time to change your strategy

Brand and digital strategy for seo

The 90% of marketing that goes unnoticed, gets stuck on that first stage: impact.

Instead of just focusing on impact, businesses should instead be focusing on persuasion.

Persuasion makes the difference in marketing, it helps your brand stand out and can be the decider for your customers.

Focusing on this persuasion will also help strengthen your brand and encourage more customers to click through to your website on a SERP.

Dare to stand out

We come into contact with hundreds of advertising messages a day.

If your brand and marketing communication is the same as all the others, you only have 1/100 chance of getting noticed.

If you dare to be different in your branding, to get creative and stand out, your chance of being noticed increases both online and off.

As Dave Trott says, be willing to be odd and you will have much better odds.

How could you work on your brand and digital strategy to improve your SEO? We can offer some suggestions to help. Why not get in touch with us at Rawww today.

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