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Size matters… Choose a Boutique Agency for Big Results

Choose a Boutique Agency for Big results

When you need a creative agency, do you go for a big or boutique agency? If your first choice is always for the larger agencies, discover why size matters when it comes to choosing between a big agency and a boutique agency…

As a boutique agency, we’ve encountered many companies over the years who started their creative journey for their brand with bigger agencies. Yet, their relationship didn’t last, as quite often, that personal touch just isn’t there.

Go for a boutique agency and you’ll find a close-knit team of creative thinkers who share the vision of their chief in charge. After all, boutique agencies are usually started by people who have the guts to ‘go it alone’ and create a business they believe in.

Look at that creative person at the helm; you’ll often find a strong, innovative individual who wants to give exclusivity back to their clients. Starting your own business requires a depth of character, and it takes a fearless, committed leader to launch a creative agency that is competing against the big guns. Take a look at their team too – they’re carefully picked. Boutique agency leaders want a strong group who share their ideals and who will represent their agency with panache.

Brands can miss out on the fantastic talent hidden away in smaller, boutique agencies as they are often under the radar when compared to bigger agencies.

You’ll encounter more give and take by going boutique too – a larger agency is more bound by set processes and you could find that you yield to a structure you didn’t want. At Rawww, we believe in being flexible and we’re not tied by top heavy rules or a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’ll always tailor our service around you and your needs.

Boutique is Beautiful

Dealing direct with the person in charge and having close contact with their team also gives boutique agencies the edge over bigger agencies. You’ll be on first name terms with all those marvellous creatives who’ll make your brand stand out, rather than just dealing with an account handler who is there to oversee the process. You don’t need to worry about your message going through several different people before it reaches the person who needs to hear it most. Our clients like the fact they have the opportunity to become closely involved in their project and work their ideas into the process too – your vision is important to us and we’ll always listen to what you want.

Just because a larger agency has hundreds of people, it doesn’t mean they’ll all be involved when it comes to your brand! But with a boutique agency, even when you have only part of a small team working on your project, the whole team works well together and is on hand to give each other support and share ideas as they know that the end result is a team effort. We’re not in competition with each other – we’re all about working together for you.

Have we stirred your interest? We hope so, but we’re also aware of one more thing we need to mention – yes, of course, what about money?

We’re confident that we can say this: choosing a boutique agency will save you money. Aside from our fantastic team in-house, we’re able to bring in other brilliant creatives from the outside as and when we need them. This means you only pay for the expertise you use, without any extra overheads for a larger team that’s always in-house, support staff or even larger offices, which can be the case when it comes to bigger agencies.

Of course, we’re not saying that going for a larger agency doesn’t work, but we would like you to consider going for a boutique agency and the advantages in doing so. Don’t be blinded by the supposed prestige of going bigger…

Size matters, and what you’ll get by selecting the boutique option could make all the difference to not only your finances, but the whole creative experience. 

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