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B2B Software marketing: in-house or a creative agency?

B2B software marketing

Business without marketing is like winking at someone in the dark; you know what you’re doing, but does anybody else?

In a continuously competitive landscape and with the majority of the UK workforce currently working from home, having a strategy for your B2B software marketing is now more important than ever before.

We shine a light on the benefits of enlisting the help of an external agency versus using your in-house team.

Sticking with what you know: choosing in-house

B2B software marketing

Opting to keep your marketing in-house can initially feel like the obvious choice. Your team knows the brand inside out.

But it’s not uncommon for ideas to become stale and creative juices to slowly dry up, due to a lack of fresh input.

And in the current climate with internal resources stretched to their limits, it’s not surprising if your software business is more focused on keeping current clients happy than having the time to target new ones.

This is something that would never happen with an external creative agency. Their sole purpose is to be an extension of your business’s creative vision and help take the pressure off your internal team.

Getting a fresh perspective: choosing a creative agency

B2B software marketing

Joining forces with an external team can fill the skills gap to get your B2B software marketing working harder, whilst freeing up resources in your internal design team or marketing department.

The breadth of skills and level of abilities found in an external creative team means that from initial strategy through to completion, a brilliant partnership of minds ensures your marketing strategy will cut through the noise and connect with audiences.

With access to specialised team members – from digital strategists to designers – your software business will be able to really make the most of a varied skill set.

Creative agencies will be able to push the boundaries and challenge the status quote to ensure your brand reaches its full potential.

Add real value to your marketing

At Rawww, we’ve worked with software specialists and corporate companies to maximise the reach of their marketing campaigns.

If you feel that your business would benefit from some added creativity, get in touch with us today. Who knows where your next campaign could go?

B2B software marketing

Performance-led software marketing strategies
Let’s come together – we’re a friendly bunch and we always enjoy working with in-house teams to generate new leads from B2B software marketing strategies.

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