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August Good Stuff Round-up

good stuff roundup

Join us in this month’s Good Stuff Round-up, as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite creative projects and rebrands we’ve talked about over on our Facebook and Twitter during August…

A move in the right direction for Platform charity

good stuff roundup

Mental health charity ‘Gofal’ have changed not only their name (now Platform) but also their brand identity, in a recent refresh this month. Established in the 1980’s, the charity wanted to update their branding to reflect their bold new vision and strategy.

The rebrand focuses on showcasing human connections. The new logotype suggests how connections offer positive steps forward, whilst the realigned tone of voice adapts subtly to be bold and direct when voicing an opinion and to be more gentle when offering support.

Paw-fect typography

good stuff august
August saw the reveal of a new font inspired by cats for cat owners. The cat food subscription brand Smalls were inspired by how ‘cats use their body as a form of communication’ and wanted their typography to ‘create alternate characters that would surprise and delight’.

Following research analysing cats and their movements, the new font incorporates aspects such as cats tails into the typography design. A ‘Small talk’ zine has also been created to help encourage a sense of cat lovers community amongst subscribers, following the rebrand.

Updating the House of Commons

good stuff roundup

In their first visual upgrade in 10 years, the House of Commons’ recent rebrand sees a newly aligned focus on digital touchpoints. The previous identity and interfaces were ill-equipped for the digital world and have since been updated to a more flat design that also helps hone all sub-identities together.

The House’s typeface has also been updated. The recognisable green remains however it’s been tweaked to improve both legibility and accessibility online. We think the fresher more digitally-focused design works well and raises the importance of regularly analysing your own brand to see how you could improve.

Emotional rebrand for Teach First

good stuff august

The educational charity Teach First has rebranded in an attempt to put the charity ‘back on the map’. Previously struggling with various sub brands that didn’t fit with the overarching look or feel of the charity, the refresh brings all areas of the charity together into a more uniformed and recognisable brand.

The charity’s tone of voice has also been repositioned, moving away from the previous corporate style and to a more ‘emotional’ and communicative voice. We love the new rebrand and feel it makes a lot more of an impact.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from September.

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