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August 2020 Good Stuff Round-up

good stuff round up august

As we moved from a strange season into ‘silly season’ during the summer holidays, we’ve collated our favourite creative campaigns, projects and rebrands launched during August, in our latest Good Stuff Round-up…

Out of this world identity for Mars 2020

good stuff round up august

NASA’s Mars Rover, launched at the end of July, has received a new logo and identity for the 2020 Mars mission. The identity aims to capture ‘the energy and legacy of space travel’, with the Rover’s mission hoping to confirm whether there has been past life on the red planet.

The new logo is an ‘abstract representation of the iconic rover’ with a shape that ‘reaches up to the sky’ and uses a distinctive red shade in homage to Mars’ dusty tones. We love the new look…who wouldn’t want to see their design on a rocket?

Coventry Moves for City of Culture

good stuff round up august

Following Coventry being named the official UK City of Culture for 2021, the branding for the year-long programme has been revealed with the theme of ‘Coventry Moves’. The creative vision is brought to life with a vibrant new brand design, website and videos telling the story of Coventry’s history.

The brand identity ‘fuses bold graphics and takes inspiration from the city’s modernist built environment through architectural shapes’. We think the branding is strong and love the ‘Coventry Blue’ colour and consistent concept of movement featured throughout the identity.

Modernism and timeless classicism for Liberty’s logotype

good stuff round up august

London’s iconic luxury department store Liberty’s has received a new brand identity and bespoke logotype, which references the brand’s rich heritage and forward-thinking ethos.

The new logotype has been carefully redrawn and refined from the original sign that hung above the store’s Great Marlborough Street entrance, also embracing the full-stop that once appeared on the original sign. We like how history has inspired Liberty’s modern identity and how it’s also captured the ‘unapologetically eccentric’ brand.

Arches-inspired rebrand for Churches Conservation Trust

good stuff round up august

Churches Conservation Trust has received a ‘modern, accessible and easily usable’ identity that’s centred on the historic arches and architecture found in churches across the UK. Unlike the previous use of the arch in the brand identity, the new look offers nine different representations: Gothic, Trefoil, Multifoil and Ogee.

The Conservation Trust is also extending the arch motif into other areas of the brand, including a new children’s trail offering. A menagerie of church-themed animals with different arch shapes in its legs, ears or wings have been created to inspire children to explore their local churches.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from August.


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