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What is a brand audit and why do you need one?

brand audit

A brand audit will allow you to understand how your customers view and interact with your business. It empowers you to gain insight that will outline strengths and weaknesses on your brand and outline ways to improve. There are many positives to a brand audit, but we’ve highlighted the top seven we think your business will benefit from…

1. Measure your brand’s overall market performance

importance of a brand audit

A brand audit will help you gain an overall understanding of how your brand is viewed within the industry. It’s an extensive analysis of your business’s internal branding (voice, culture and positioning), external branding (websites, social media or SEO) and your systems and infrastructure (internal systems).

2. Highlight critical marketing strengths and weaknesses

importance of a brand audit

Following this assessment, the results of a brand audit will highlight areas of your marketing that are performing well and areas that need further support or a fresh approach.

3. Define the true needs of your target customers

importance of a brand audit

Thorough brand audits will talk directly with your customers to hear how they view and experience your brand and what they like/dislike about it. Undertaking user testing will also provide real results of how customers are interacting with your brand.

4. Compare your competitive position with other players

importance of a brand audit

How much business could you be losing to your competitors due to poor branding? If your customers are left confused at your inconsistent messaging, but your competitor has a strong website and identifiable brand voice, your customers will choose who they believe is the more reliable brand.

5. Sort effective from ineffective marketing collateral

importance of a brand audit

If you’re considering a rebrand or a refresh of your business, carrying out a brand audit will put you in a strong position to evaluate what marketing material has worked and what needs further thought.

6. Assess how brand experience aligns with business strategy

importance of a brand audit

Are customers experiencing your brand in the same way you’ve expected them to in your business strategy? A brand audit will provide a detailed analysis to show how your business is currently performing compared to its goals.

7. Make clear recommendations on future direction following the marketing audit

importance of a brand audit

To move forward you first have to know exactly where you are. And that’s why it’s useful to have an informed yet independent view through a brand audit that will provide the candid insights you need. Brand audits will provide the data to base future business decisions around, ensuring your next move is based on solid insight instead of guesses.

For more information on how a brand audit may be helpful for your business or to start the ball rolling, get in touch with us at Rawww!

brand audit

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